Right plan with strategy and execution can bring many new opportunities.

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Right digital strategy in place makes sure you’re not missing an opportunity to increase sales and customers

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A full analysis of everything related to your website, social media to not lose customers.

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My Core Values


Passion and love are affairs of the heart, not head. Without passion I could not do what I’m doing!


Open and honest communication is the best foundation for any relationship. Without that there is no business.


If I can’t bring value, I better don’t do this. You have to bring value with your work and content.


With every task I challenge myself to bring the best out from my passion, value, honesty and quality.

I look forward to doing great things with you
anywhere in the world.

Website growthRegular growth vs growth with right strategy

  • Regular growth
  • With right strategy

It matters..


eCommerce business depends on reaching the right audience at the right time. Without proper tools, you can’t make sales to keep your business alive.


A service industry is always looking for that key customer. One right customer can bring you long term relationship and more clients.


If they can’t find you how are you planning to sell? At some points, friends and neighbors will run out of money. SEO is important to get found in Search Engines.

Social Media

Engage with your customers, reach new markets, win trust. Social Media has changed how we sell. Using Social Media right can grow your business fast.

Why People Choose Me

Personal Care

No freelance or assistants are going to work with you. That’s why I have only few clients I’m working with. I’m picking projects to work with from how much value I can bring to you.

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It’s all about clouds and dirt. I don’t suggest anything that I haven’t tested. If there is new product or service – I test it before suggesting.

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Straight Shooter

I’m “straight shooter” personality. I will always tell what I think. I’m interested in your and mine growth. There is no place for lying or hiding things.

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