About me

always will remember what my father taught me when I was just a kid working in his warehouse – “to understand all operations you need to start from the bottom.” And yes I did! Did I like it? No, I wanted to start to do something fancy. However, it was fun and I learned a lot that I didn’t understand then but I do understand now.

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”
― Oprah Winfrey

At some point of my life, everything was coming too easy and then that time stopped and I needed to learn everything again.. Things that I didn’t consider or saw before needed to be taken in action from this moment. After that period I came out even stronger.

I never knew what I wanted to do until the beginning of 2016. when I was 26 years old. Till that moment I wanted to be something new every second month, a lot of things made me happy and I thought this is it.. and it never was. I have done sales, marketing, project managing even airport security job because I just loved planes and airports where one of the places that I never felt comfortable around security.

One of the biggest success was my company that I launched with my friend and later continued alone – WordPress websites for small companies that don’t have a lot of money to spend. First, websites were not good, but around 50 you start to understand what are you doing.  I do still love WordPress but for the revenue and time that I’m spending, I’m not getting enough to continue. If I would not care on what kind of product I let out – I could live very good and keep doing that, but that’s not for me.

Digital Marketing Consultant – that’s some fancy name right? Sounds awesome and for some might sound even easy. I can tell you one thing – it’s not. It takes years working, testing, spending your own money in testing and working with many projects. Can’t forget many hours and following global trends to not be behind.  I decided that this is something I want to do, especially when I finally understood that I have been doing that for last months between 2015. and 2016.

I want to help others build their dreams, be next to new startups and at some point build my own 500 people consulting agency. Ok, 500 is just a random number, let’s go for 1000 people and with 8 – 26 locations worldwide, that sounds like a good plan!

Because of my passion, I have dropped many things that take my time and started my journey from beginning, grabbing everything I can to be good in this field.

In my website Rinalds.co you can expect posts about sales, marketing, reviews, tips, interviews and maybe even something personal. Hopefully sooner then later I will be ready to open my YouTube channel to share my knowledge in videos.

My consulting business continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence my clients have in me. Between work with clients I keep learning new sales and marketing channels to be always up to date with what works best.

Why I'm doing this:

Digital marketing is hard. There is too much to learn and best practices change constantly. Nobody’s an expert at everything, and I want you to focus on running a business.

  • Digital marketing, sales, eCommerce and websites are my passion
  • I want to help as many people as possible
  • I want to save your time and make you grow
  • People – just love to work with them
  • Support my family if needed

And most importantly...making your and mine dreams come true!


Write me NOW to find out how I can help you! Take action today, don't leave it for tomorrow!