August – the month of niche projects

I’m naming August my month of niche projects. End of July and start of August brought to me a couple of niche type website ideas that I would like to test out.

There are 5-6 niche websites in line to start work on. 6 is almost the same as one of them just in different language and for more people.

For myself, I wanted to make a priority list that I want to focus. The plan is to try as many tools I know and can find to launch them with an as low budget as possible. It would be easy to put in a lot of cash in marketing and make it happen, so we’re going to make it harder.

Couple of rules:

  1. Don’t use any of my social media until a project isn’t more than 2 months old.
  2. Focus on content.
  3. Main platform website and facebook.
  4. Invest close to nothing
  5. Be patient
  6. Project has a year to get the investment back and turn into revenue ( lower expenses – faster revenue, should be fine )
  7. Document everything

Rules are set, now we need to know more about niche projects. As I don’t want to reveal right now what they are going to be about, I will use hidden names. I have to mention that I do own 1 or even 2 domains that I need.

Project Wpriority 1

Amazon affiliate site + Adsense, reviews, accessories. I see potential in this niche, however, it’s a small market and I don’t expect a lot from it. There is a plan to create video reviews of the actual products, but to do that I would need them on my hand that brings the cost of the project up. That’s not what I want for this task, so we will see how it goes.

Project Zpriority 2

Guide website in the Latvian language. Most likely this site will be hardest to determine success. As there is not a plan to get $$$ outside of google AdSense. There is a plan to create paid guides, but most likely I will not have time to create them as free ones will take a long time if I want quality.

Project Cpriority 3

Amazon affiliate site + Adsense. Don’t expect a lot from this site. This will be a test project to see how niche site tool work. As they are telling – they will do everything in my place, so I want to see how they will do it.

Project Mpriority 4

Product site, that might never see an actual customer. The creating of a product will be time consuming and price at the end could be too high, but you never know.

Project LDpriority 4

A site with a lot of important information in Latvian. Has no plan for revenue outside of Adsense. From this site, I can also create another site in English with a broader audience. Use same theme and some parts of the content that I would have to translate.


  • Not a lot of free time on my hands
  • Be able to generate enough content

It’s going to be fun, working on 5 new sites at once. I would not suggest to anyone to do this, as you’re not focusing enough to each of them, however, I like challenges.

I do not plan to do a lot of keyword researching, it’s not the best approach to do but I don’t have a lot of time and I better focus on content.


Learn the growth, content creating, amazon affiliate, Adsense, keyword researching, etc. If or when sites turn into profit either sell them or leave them for passive income. Not all of them would work as passive income, but we will see how it turns out.

If anyone is interested in joining this journey and would love to take part in any of the projects – get in touch with me.

August – the month of niche projects can start! I will inform you on all steps that I take either here or on my social sites.


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