DollarPhoto club closed down

Did you use DollarPhoto Club? If yes, then most likely these are bad news for you. For those who have never heard of it – you missed a lot! Dollar Photo had 1$ photo policy. You could get any photo, illustration or vectors for 1$.

Dear Dollar Photo Club Member,

Our service is now closed. But we have a great news. You can transfer your unused downloads on Adobe Stock, for free.

This is what you received if you were a member in DollarPhoto club. I was a long term user with more than 10 downloads a month from time to time. I love the concept, however, I understood from the beginning that this might not go forever. Other similar places ask you to pay more than I believe you should. I understand that making photos is not an easy job, but to ask 10$+ for a photo that you might only need for covering article is just too much.

Good news for me and others who still had unused downloads –

Simply sign up or sign in to Adobe Stock today and we will immediately unused DPC downloads to your new Adobe Stock account. The unused downloads transferred will be valid for one year, for free.

However, even though I’m Adobe Cloud user – I was not a fun of prices.

Did DollarPhoto club closing affect you? Did you start to use Adobe Stock or you have found something else?

In free time, I will compile some free and similar services to get great photos on a budget.

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