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Last weekend I had amazing opportunity to visit Latvian Business Network in the UK and speak at the event. Between all speakers, I met with Ru Wikmann. He presented his new app idea, and I liked it. FitSwap is going to be mobile app connecting people who want to get fit with fitness enthusiasts through barter and skill-swapping.

App idea on the first doesn’t seem to have future, however, longer you think about it – it could work! Ru made an amazing presentation, showing actual problem and solution. He turned real life situation in his idea and I love it.

I can see that there will be many challenges, reaching potential fitness enthusiasts however Ru has enough connections in the fitness industry that can make this work. The biggest problem will be growing this outside of UK. It needs good reach to get customers.

Fitswap Kickstarter

GOAL: This app will enable people who want to get fit or learn a sport to connect with fitness enthusiasts through barter and skill-swapping.

WHO: Ru Wikmann is a personal trainer, WBFF Pro fitness model and the founder and host of Shredded Brainiac podcast.

WHAT: Ru is teaming up with a team of developers to bring you FitSwap for iOS, Android, and the web. Imagine you could get any service for free by using your skills as a Fitness Ninja… or if you’re a Fitness Novice, you could improve your health, get help to lose weight or learn a sport by trading your skill of choice.

I’m one of the startup backers and if possible will help Ru with everything I can.

Read more about FitSwap Kickstarter project here!


£16,000 goal is not a huge one. It’s not going to be enough for web + app, but it’s a good start to launch alpha and beta version with good quality. At this moment FitSwap has 8% and still 30+ days left. As we talked with Ru a bit more, he’s planning to reach out to his fellow fitness colleagues, so it should be able to reach the goal.

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