Fiverr review part 1

Fiverr is the world’s largest online marketplace for $5 services and I’m using it. Wild services such as “I will have your logo or message painted on my back with body art technique and take high res photos for $5″ and an attractive female is willing to “post a video to your Facebook saying whatever you want,” Fiverr is a marketplace that’s naturally viral and has grown exponentially since launch.

I decided to make Fiverr review in two parts. Part 1 with an overall view of Fiverr and part 2 with more details on it.

I joined Fiverr already in September 2014. and if I remember correctly soon I closed it until I remembered about it. The idea of receiving anything for 5$ was too funny to be true and with quality. In 2015. I decided to give it a try – seller and buyer. How did it go?

As a buyer

Until this article publishing, I have tested 7 gigs. Logo design, promoting, targeted traffic and article writing. I have understood how to find great gigs and from what gigs to keep away. As usually low-quality content is everywhere and many people try to automate the process of Fiverr gig delivery so they would get money and spend no time to deliver it. Good for the seller but not so good as a buyer.

Try to choose top gigs with at least Level 1 seller rank. Top gigs are great from Level 2 sellers. Only bad thing about top authors is that they try to automate gigs as much as possible and delivery sometimes is long. If you don’t want to pay extra than you might have to wait a week to receive your order. It seems fine with me as far as I receive good quality if promised. The timing could be less as you’re paying for fast service.


  • Check out more than one seller. See what more gigs he offers and see their reviews from other buyers.
  • If you don’t feel quality- choose a different author.
  • Don’t always expect great quality.. remember that’s 5$ delivery mostly. Choose extra gigs or other services.
  • Contact author before and tell him what you want – after his response, you will know if you want to search for new author or order a gig from him.
  • Don’t catch on “seller / author is a woman”. In many cases, it’s someone from a low-income country that is in Fiverr to get money for no work.
  • Always leave a review to a seller after delivery. It helps seller or others to decide if a seller delivers good content.

I have ordered gigs that didn’t give me any results – so always review seller.

As a Seller

This part is more interesting as you get to set up your own gigs and extras. When I started I received 2 orders. I delivered one with a great review and other I reported. The user wanted to get service for free and started to make more problems than planned. After that, I stayed in Fiverr with hope to understand it more. Without traffic, people didn’t order. I had a new account and not the best description for my gigs. Also, 1 review is nothing huge. I didn’t want to use social media to spam my account and to be truthfully I didn’t expect any of my friends to be interested in my gigs so I didn’t share my profile.

Then I stopped visiting Fiverr. And here we are. I started to use Fiverr in late December of 2015. I took a look if the market has changed and I was actually interested if I can make it work. And I did. Within one month I received 100$ and became Level 1 seller. I will not go into details in this part of everything is still in action but it’s possible.


  • Start with gig list you want to offer.
  • Look for similar gigs – take the best out from description and tags they use. Also check out extras they offer.
  • Make description and photos. Don’t use first photos you found on the internet. You can see a lot of them in Fiverr.
  • Start to add your gigs. Decide on delivery time.
  • For first gigs make delivery fast as possible 1 – 2 days. It will make more people be interested
  • Add more revisions
  • Offer a money back guarantee ( I don’t use it and actually would not suggest it ). 5$ are already low cost. And if you did your part you should receive payment for that. If you want to use this trick then it will help you grow sales that you need.
  • Change description after few days. Improve it, add new photos. After changing description and using my profile photo, I received way more ordered gigs.
  • Add video to your gig! This helps a lot!

Overall Fiverr is interesting freelancer platform to look at. Either buyer or seller it’s a challenge. As soon as I will have more detailed information on Fiverr I will release Fiverr review part 2.

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How has been your Fiverr experience so far? 

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