How To Dominate In Social Media?

How To Dominate In Social Media?

To dominate in social media your business must stay on top of social media to be successful. Gone are the days when you just had to worry about SEO. Now, the active company must consider Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snap Chat, and the list goes on and on. How can you possibly keep this straight when social media is one of the fastest changing industries around? Well, here are 8 ways you can dominate in social media.

1. Be Consistent In All Things

The very foundation of any marketing plan is consistency. Your online presence is important, but whatever you do, make sure you do it well. Don’t start a campaign and give it half of your attention. You want good content, a dependable response team, and the ability to move your followers from your online media page to your website. Most importantly, giving them good quality content will ensure that they keep coming back. Find a way to engage with the public, and they will be a customer for life.

2. Be Patient

“Patience is a virtue,” or so they say. However, when it comes to marketing, everyone wants instant results. Online campaigns are not always going to bring instantaneous results. In fact, it may take many months to see the fruits of your labor. Prepare yourself for a long and slow ride.

You must identify the demographic range that you want to target, and that will help you choose the media outlets to utilize. The best place to start is Facebook. They have a user-friendly platform and more than 651,835,100 million active users. You can see why it is pretty easy to gain new followers here. To engage with your customers, have a contest, and do something to attract attention.

If you fail, just shake it off and start again. Remember, some greats like Milton Hershey failed miserably three times before making it big. Though his methods were different than yours, the same theory still applies. If something doesn’t work, scrap it and try something else. Don’t give up, just be patient.

3. Give It Your All

To dominate in social media requires much planning. Once you have Facebook set up and running, slowly start adding the other channels. Twitter is a great one in urban areas. Though you are limited to 140 characters, you can use those characters to redirect and entice customers. Whatever channels you use doesn’t matter. What does matter is having a constant flow from one site to the other. A customer should be able to find you all over the internet.

Your web presence needs to be huge. You can never put too much effort into the online world. If you think it is not worth the effort, then guess again. According to Business Insider, nearly 78 percent of Americans prefer to do their shopping online. What starts out as a general social encounter can easily turn into a sale. Don’t short change yourself because you are not putting enough into your campaign.

4. Embrace The Power Of Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the greatest inventions of our time. People are attracted to sight and sound. Did you know that 83 percent of what you perceive is through sight? Human beings are attracted to motion. People are evolving. Rather than calling a repair man, many people are fixing their own appliances, lawnmowers, and cars thanks to a video on YouTube. Now, apply the new trends to your products.

Let’s assume you sell air conditioning units. Doing a video showing noises and pictures of units with issues could be beneficial. What if a customer wakes up and their AC unit is covered in ice? They will type “AC froze over” in the search engine. If they are local, your name should come up in the search engine with videos to help.

If you are dominating the social media world, they will see you on all the media channels and your website. Soon, they will be using your videos. It’s about putting your company in their brain. So, if they cannot fix their AC unit, and they need professional help, they will know who to call first.

5. Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the best advertising methods of all times. It is like a word of mouth promotion done digitally. This type of marketing keeps any company on their toes. They must ensure their customers are satisfied. Remember, a friend will tell a friend, who tells a friend, about good or bad experiences.

Many companies are embracing influencers because they realize how they can help them move products. Let’s consider Tori Spelling and Lisa Rhianna and their recent ventures with a home delivery service. Fab Fit Fun is a company that does automatic shipments each month. The customer never knows what is going to be in the box. However, these two celebrities get the box and open it showing the customers what’s inside. The beauty is, they describe each item with great detail, and they fawn over these items like they are models on The Price is Right.

Their message is powerful. They encourage other women to sign up and get these products. Many people will want these products just because their favorite stars use them. In return, they offer each client that uses their name a 10 percent discount code. So, the company can track how many people are watching. The results were overwhelming in the first month alone. This is just one example, but thousands of companies are doing the exact same thing, even the big box stores.

So, you need to find a key player and use them for their influence. Have them make a short clip using a product or giving a testimonial about your services. People listen to other people. Peer reviews are one of the best ways to get your customers to connect. It builds trust in your brand and service, and it will help you dominate in social media.

6. Never Underestimate The Power of SnapChat

Think of SnapChat as real-time social marketing. Use it to show live events. Many companies use it for product launches, to check in at their trade shows or other special happenings. What about posting a celebration with your 1,000th customer? Did you know that Michael Kors debuts some of his fashion on this social media outlet before it hits the runways?

The average user range is 18 to 34, which means you would be connecting with the Millennials. There are more than 100 million active users each day, and they are snapping and chatting to the tune of 400 million times daily. Why not connect with the younger generation on one of the hippest social media channels around? You can use your platform to link to customers with and add emojis, texts, filters, geo-filters, music and much more. It won’t work for every business, but there is certainly a presence here for the right business.

7. Insist On Using Instagram

Some people think that Instagram is not the most advantageous platform. Plus, those who are already using a couple of other media outlets may not see the benefits. However, there is a nice following here for those who want to work this channel. They have been around since 2010, and they are getting bigger and better. You will find much of the millennial generation here, primarily because the older generation is not.

This outlet is not about long-winded posts with eloquent words, rather, it is about pictures. Though the creators didn’t invent this site with marketing in mind, what they created was something opposite to the other sites. What you can do here is talk to your audience. Walk them through your daily operations, and let them get up close and personal with you and your company. Your clips will automatically play in the feed. Best of all, Statigram will give you the statistics on your activity. It’s not as easy to drive traffic to your site here, but if you want to be the master of the online community, then it is worth the effort.

8. Putting Together A Plan

Delving into social outlets is like diving off a diving board having never been in the water before. You either sink to the bottom or you learn how to swim quickly. Once you teach yourself to swim, you learn tips and tricks to improve your game. To be the master online, you must learn what works and what doesn’t. Have a plan, and execute that plan precisely.

It takes more than one person to handle such a monumental undertaking. There must be constant communication, posts, new and exciting things, and contests. If all else fails, give away something for free. Face it, you need anything you can to help you thrive in the social media jungle. To be the master, you must have patience, consistency, and have fun. It’s meant to be totally different than any other type of advertising. If you don’t enjoy what you do, how do you expect your customer to like it either?


Pick few of your favorite available tools and tactics, try it out. If it works for you – keep focusing and pushing it more. Meanwhile, explore new tactics and new tools to dominate in social media like a beast!

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