Iconfinder.com high quality free & premium icons review

Iconfinder provides high quality free and premium icons for your web designs and apps. Iconfinder is the largest icon website in the world.

Iconfinder.com high quality free & premium icons review

I stumbled on this site when looked into startup map. It’s a very similar project that I run, however, they focus on one thing – icons. They have done a great job so far. They are built in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Iconfinder - monthly plan
Iconfinder – monthly plan

As you can see it offers a monthly plan and I assume that it should be selling well. The 20$ difference between Starter plans to get unlimited downloads is not so big so I would assume that’s most popular plan.

They have gathered great authors that can provide with great icons. They offer also free icons, icon sets and you can order custom design work.


I have compared Iconfinder with Flaticon and Graphicriver. I know that Graphicriver is not the best comparison but it’s something to compare it with to see others.


As you can see in the graph Iconfinder is losing the rank and Graphicriver has lost a lot more. However, Flaticon has a stady level so I would say that’s market leader from all of these. Or least compared to Iconfinder.

Flaticon has the same pageview/user as Graphriver – Iconfinder has almost less by double 8.33 vs 4.62. From all three Flaticon has the biggest growth in 6 month period.



Iconfinder has done a great job but to not lose market space they should focus more on social media and free content. I’m not sure how much free content Iconfinder offers but Flaticon offers more than 112K free Vector icons. People love free stuff and percentage of them will come back, get more and even buy later.

In my opinion Flaticon has better design and colors used that makes it more appealing. Also, Iconfinder has some parts in the website that are unfinished – not overlooked. In footer if I would press for “Free Icons” I’m redirected to another directory with bad design and I’m straight out of the site. Also, some minor improvements to page design and colors could help.

Regarding pageviews/user – most likely because of more free content Flaticon has more pageviews.

I have never used Graphicriver but I’m using Flaticon from time to time. Haven’t yet had the opportunity to use Iconfinder.

In this case, I would suggest to bring new free content, improve design and colors, look over all site and improve/remove parts that are confusing and more focus in social media.

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