Interview with Qiim Art

My Interview with Qiim Art happened already a few months back. I asked a couple of interesting questions, received answers but until this moment I didn’t have time to put it all together.

Qiim Art is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and run by Céline.

Céline, owner of QIIM An african inspired clothing line . We’re for greatness #JoinTheQiimUnity

I was interested in her story to hear how she turned her passion into a business and being a mom at the same time.

Qiim Art

1. When did you understood that you want to be an entrepreneur?

The first time that I have understood I wanted to be an entrepreneur was when my friend was ready to pay for the accessories that I was wearing . That is when I realize that I could turn my passion of creating  accessories to a business.

2. How old is Qiim now?

I created Qiim in 2011.

3. What platform do you use for your website? Was it hard to understand it?

I used Shopify , it’s really easy to use , very complete, you can find tons of tools to help you, even a live forum f you have any questions.

4. What is your main channel to acquire new clients/visitors to your website?

I usually used my Facebook profile and my business page

5. Do you know how many customers return to your shop?

At the moment I would say that I have to be constantly on Facebook to get my customers interested to come back because the Internet is a big jungle.

Qiim Art

6. Do you do offline sales? If yes, where we can see you and your great work?

Yes, I do off lines sales . You can found me at a various market . The last one I did was the African festival called “Couleur cafe” at Norrebro. All the details are on my Facebook page to know when I have one on set.

7. What social media platforms do you use?

I used Instagram , Twitter , Facebook

8. Kids take a lot of time – how do you schedule your day? What is your usual day?

I  woke up around 6 o’clock in the morning to get my head and ideas together and enjoy the quietness of the house, then my husband gets the babies ready when I am taking a shower and he is off to work at 7.30 am . I am working when the kids are napping which is usually around 10h to 13h .
Then my husband comes back around 17h then it his turn to look after the kids while I continue to work.

9. Why handmade products? Was it something you have done all your life or you learned it?

I have decided to go handmade because it is the best way for me to be close to my client
I love to see the joy on their faces when they see the end results of their order. My favorite “teacher” is YouTube . Every time I need to learn or improve a new skill I use this platform


10. What inspires you?

It’s what I need through life that gets me inspired for example: It’s because I needed a scarf that I have created the one that you can find on my website called ” The ethnic scarf” then I start to make babies items when I became a mom.

11. Any tips you would give to other #momentrepreneurs and entrepreneurs out there?

Don’t be discourage ! I would also add that u will have to be passionate about your business because you will be challenged  all along this amazing “journey”. Life will test you to see if you really want to be an entrepreneur, but like My favorite quote says ” It is not the destination that is matter is the journey”

12. Is Denmark a hard place for a Startup and making it a full-time business?

Denmark is one of the best places to start a business, there are a lot of possibilities offers  by the commune to help such as courses like “How to be an entrepreneur ” “How to make a business plan” , etc.

Qiim Art has used Shopify to create her e-commerce store. I love that theme is plain and simple, there is nothing too much and focus is all on the product.

All products are in very good detail and if you want something more unique, you can choose fabric and color and Céline from Qiim Art will design and make it only for you. To see more products please visit Qiim Art website.

If you plan to open this type of business in many cases clean and simple design is key to success. You can look from Qiim Art and build something your own. Visit Qiim Art.

P.S. Video is amazing! Simple, catchy and gives me the impression of great quality. 

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