Keep away from

I always like to try out things and there was a huge hype and still is about I’m not even going to link that URL because of how bad it’s. It’s not working and I already knew about it.

Keep away from!

Nothing good can come out from many people using ~50 niches that they give to you wit possibility to add only 3 articles. Google will ban them faster than we think only because of so many same article tactic from same server IP, thank you PANDA! But ok, let’s talk a bit more about their product.

I wasn’t buying their product when it came out and one of the reasons was that I know – nothing is so easy as they market it. “60 seconds and you have a website, add content and you will be in first place.” It doesn’t work like that.

Yes, it does reveal most popular 50 niches that authors made. It does add content, however, you have to choose a title, photos, and videos. Also, a lot of articles are poorly made, not so much of “readable”.

Build your site. In my case no. I bought InstaNiche with a huge discount, I think that I ended up paying less then 10$. I was not ready to spend more money on a product that will not work. It was 3 months ago when this post is written. I tried a product on the first day I bought but because of big hype, their service was not working properly. After few days they were down for maintenance. A few weeks later tried to add 3 articles from their suggestion and again without luck, making requests to servers that don’t give a response back.

Finally, I decided to give it the last shot.. today I finally got to “Set up my website”, thought to myself, finally I will be a millionaire.. but no! I get a message of updating my domain details. Sure no problems, I can do that just to get my millions.

But no…. I can’t do it because a website doesn’t allow me to save a country and change the country phone number. After many many tries with all available browsers, I understood that I’m not going to be a millionaire from product.

Outside of bad connections and a site full of bugs it loves to crash chrome browser so you have to kill tab. After so many problems I decided to write support and ask them about these bugs. Did I do it? No, because there is no support 😀 There is no contact information on how to get in touch with them. Also, could not find any of the product faces in social media.

I’m not even going to mention price that they are asking, but without discount, I think it’s around 50$ and more. Not sure and not even interested.

To sum up

I expected already that’s not going to work, however, I thought that it will just perform badly in SEO results and I will have no sales. In my case, I just could not set up a website at all. Searching around I could find few bad reviews but a lot of them were either good or interested in product itself. Maybe there are not so many bad reviews because all of them are earning million and I’m left out alone? Probably that’s the reason!

Remember, there is no simple product or solution on how to run successful niche website. You need to add work, spend time, create content and wait for it to grow. None of these sites work, however, I have to give +1 for a really good sales page.



So please if you ever think of buying this or similar product – don’t do it. Spend your money for some good book about niches websites.

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