Quick update on niche projects

Just wanted to make a quick update on niche projects. As I’m busy these days, getting used to my new schedule and catching up with things I have on my list.

I have bought all necessary domains, one of the websites are fully finished except few translations I have to do but outside of that, I’m creating content. So far I’m delivering 1 good article a day. It takes so long time because of some information I have to add to be sure and creating article only when I have time.

There are only 2 niche projects that I haven’t started to build. However, I updated my old test niche about Drones. I do plan to take a look on that site as well. The interesting part is that both of niche sites I have requests already. Yesterday I received a request to put an advertisement on one of the websites. The fun part is that I haven’t given a link to anyone – the only thing that could give it away is the exact domain name for SEO purposes.

This weekend I plan to finish most of the things for one of the niche projects. Then start to work on next one. I hope to inform you about one of them soon.


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