Hi. As always when starting new blogs or websites I love to write the first post. You have this great idea in mind playing around with great stories and future. And I truthfully believe that rinalds.co will change many things in my and other people live.

There are no bad ideas.. it all depends on how they are performed. /Rinalds/

I do believe that changing my brands concept will bring me new clients and create new projects with great ideas. For few months, I was thinking about adding additional language to my business website that is in Latvia hsm.lv but then I understood that this is not the way I want to go. I wanted something new and fresh.

What I want to achieve

A successful project that will bring new ideas into the world. Gather the greatest people I know together that would bring value to new clients. I want my team, clients, visitors and myself to learn new things.

Why rinalds.co

I’m always name driven. I need to find the right name for the project and it takes time. As I work as a freelancer in few projects and people know me not my company I decided that’s time to name it in my name – Rinalds.

I’ve been lucky enough to register myself in some social sites in my name and I’m proud of it.

rinalds.co right now looks more like the business site but it will be more content driven than showcasing. That probably will be one of the reasons why usually my portfolio is updated not so often. I’m keeping myself busy and not always I have time to manage my own websites.

What you can expect

A lot of content from me. More people to join my team and hopefully content from them as well. I’m planning to give product and service reviews, tips and tutorials. From time to time, there might be some personal content but not too often.

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