Startups from Denmark

I’m always interested in Startups and as I’m living now in Denmark I decided to cover startups that are located here. On first I had my mind set to open a new blog that could cover this specific topic but it’s more time consuming and with my schedule I would not get out of the blog what I would like. Also for me it’s easier to cover Startups in the country I live in – so I would assume that’s way easier to get in touch with them.

So, here at my blog, I would like to introduce “Denmark Startup” category that will cover Denmark related Startup field. Denmark is full of talented people, mainly because many Europeans come to Denmark to get free studies. With so many people coming in – new friendships and ideas are born.

Would I recommend Denmark as a Startup place? Not yet sure. High taxes makes it hard to keep you alive however there is huge investment available and help. In March 2016. I already covered Iconfinder that offers high quality free and premium icons – that means that first article in “Startup Denmark” is made.

As always I can’t promise daily articles because of my main job that takes me around 12h a night but whenever I will have time I will inform you about new startups here in Denmark. To catch up I will go trough few of the startups I already know and post an article when it’s finished.

What’s the main purpose of this category and what I would like to cover?

  • Grow my knowledge in Startups
  • Inform others about interesting Startups that are born here
  • Give tips to existing startups and help with these tips to others
  • Review their product and service
  • Inform about their strengths or weaknesses
  • In future provide video interviews from Startups

If you have Startup in Denmark or you know one that you would like me to co – let me know in comments, social media or email.


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