The threat of subscriptions

The threat of subscriptions for startups, business or personal finances.

Usually, subscriptions tend to be with a low monthly price. 5.99$ / 2.99$ / 9.99$ / etc and it seems to be small amount to pay. One or two subscriptions is not a threat but depends on the situation.

I wanted to mention that I do low subscriptions and I have around 5 different services I use and pay monthly. It’s great, as I don’t have to lay down a pile of cash to use it. However if I count what I have spent – is it worth it? That’s the question you should be able to answer.

I asked in twitter for my few followers if they would use subscription or buy now module:

At the end – it all depends on the price. And I understand it – paying a lot for a subscription would feel like buying it and we don’t like to always buy things, so we subscribe.


Startups should be careful when choosing a subscription or buy now module. In these times, there are a lot of businesses that sell a different kind of services dedicated to startups and they are doing great.

Many startups get sold on these subscription modules – they believe that it will help them and few of them might be true. I did the same mistake as many startups do, get social management tool like this, track your progress with this and it all adds up to many subscriptions that takes money out from your pocket that could be used in a better way.

I would suggest startups with low budget to do as much as possible on their own without additional services, even if it takes a bit more of their time. Few monthly subscriptions can take you off from additional clients that you can get from advertising or invest in your product or service.

Sometimes it’s better to look into buy now module. It will be more expensive but in the long term you will be a winner!


Look trough the list of your subscription. Do you use all of them? Do you need them? I use Netflix from time to time. I subscribe to it, see what’s new and after one or two months I cancel it. Netflix doesn’t bring too much of new content so 3 – 4 months without Netflix brings me a good amount of money to go out and eat.

Try to keep subscription services as less as possible. You don’t need all of them.

Leave a comment below on your thought about subscriptions. Do you choose subscription over buy now module?




  • Paul

    Besides my cable, home phone and internet (which are bundled together) I only have subscriptions for web hosting and Adobe Creative Cloud. I wasn’t too happy when Adobe introduced their subscription model and still would prefer to buy the programs I use outright.

    • I actually like that adobe introduced subscription module. Before I didn’t use legal version but now for few months I use Adobe Creative Cloud and I love it. The price is good.

      I think that they wanted to get bigger market and with one huge payment that not all can afford they introduced ACC so more people could use it legally.

      • Paul

        Yes, it’s fine if you just want to use PS and Lightroom but if you want to use another program like Premier Pro it can become very expensive.

        • Not sure about that actually. Cause I took “student version” and I have a lot of apps available for good price. ( For a year ). Even though I use only PS and AI.

          PS, AI, Dreamweaver, Lightroom, InDesign, Acrobat DC, Fuse, Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc are available to me.

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