What’s in WordPress 4.5 “Coleman”

Few days back WordPress released 4.5 update named “Coleman”. It has been around 5 months from previous update 4.4 “Clifford” that brought us responsive images and embedding.

Also “Coleman” is in honor of jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins. It seems like WP like Jazz a lot.

4.5 WordPress update brings us Editing improvements with inline linking.

Few formatting shortcuts, live responsive preview and custom logos.

Inline Link Editing

WordPress comes with some great time-saving shortcuts, which all help you write faster. One of these shortcuts is CTRL+K (Command+K on Mac), which allows you to insert links in posts.

This shortcut opens the insert link popup, which is a bit distracting.

With WordPress 4.5, pressing CTRL+K will show an inline insert link menu. Simply type the URL and continue writing your post without removing hands from keyboard.

Under the hood

Smart Image Resizing

Generated images now load up to 50% faster with no noticeable quality loss. It’s really cool.

Selective Refresh

The customizer now supports a comprehensive framework for rendering parts of the preview without rewriting your PHP code in JavaScript.

Script Loader Improvements

Better support has been added for script header/footer dependencies. New wp_add_inline_script() enables adding extra code to registered scripts.

Better Embed Templates

Embed templates have been split into parts and can be directly overridden by themes via the template hierarchy.

JavaScript Library Updates

jQuery 1.12.3, jQuery Migrate 1.4.0, Backbone 1.2.3, and Underscore 1.8.3 are bundled.

In my opinion, 4.4 had a more improved update and from 4.5, I would say that inline linking and live responsive preview are the major things that should be mentioned. However, you can’t forget about theme logo support that is long awaited feature.


Make sure your plugins and theme are compatible with the new update. Many themes are broken after new update. Also, you need the latest version of visual composer installed if you’re using one. I and many others learned the hard way. 

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